Antenna Plus: Fleet, M2M, IoT Antennas


Antenna Plus by Airgain delivers customized and off-the-shelf high performance antenna solutions for optimal LPWAN connectivity in licensed and unlicensed frequency band applications. Airgain’s products are designed and manufactured for optimum performance and reliability within challenging and diverse applications, indoor or full weather outdoor, fixed and mobile device and sensor applications.

Airgain offers a range of N-type external antennas designed for both indoor and outdoor use, in modem, gateway, and base station connectivity applications. These products are ideal for IoT and LPWAN communications applications, including LoRa and Sigfox protocols. These antennas feature rugged outdoor UV and salt spray resistant enclosures designed to provide maintenance free operation in the field.

Smart Energy
Smart Home

High Performance External Antenna for the 900MHz LPWAN/ISM band

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