5G Connectivity

What is 5G Connectivity?

5G Connectivity is the fifth generation of mobile network technology which promises faster data speeds, lower latency, and higher network capacity than previous generations.

Compared to 4G LTE, which can deliver data at speeds up to 100 Mbps, 5G networks can attain speeds well above 1,000 Mbps (1 Gigabit-per-second), with some networks even delivering up to 20 Gigabits-per-second peak data speeds.

5G networks achieve this by using a combination of higher frequency bands and advanced networking technologies, such as Massive MIMO and beam forming antennas, to deliver these benefits. These features allow for a higher density of connected devices on the network, without interruption, which allows for the support of the countless IoT devices that make up our smart cities.

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How is the World of 5G Evolving?

The world of 5G is evolving rapidly, with new technologies and products being developed to support its deployment and expansion. Here are some of the most notable areas of development:

Airgain's 5G Connectivity Solutions

Lantern™ Fixed Wireless Access:

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a 5G use case that enables broadband internet access using wireless technology. FWA Reference Designs are preconfigured hardware and software packages that make it easier for wireless carriers and service providers to deploy FWA networks. These reference designs include a range of components, such as antennas, modems, and software, that are optimized to work together and simplify the deployment process.

Lighthouse™ Smart Repeaters:

Smart Repeaters are devices that help to extend the range and improve the signal strength of wireless networks. These devices use advanced technologies, such as beamforming and Massive MIMO, to improve the quality and reliability of wireless signals, even in areas with weak or fluctuating signal strength. Smart Repeaters are particularly useful in settings like large buildings or public spaces, where it can be difficult to achieve consistent wireless coverage.

Lodestar™ Network Antenna:

Massive MIMO is a key technology for enabling the high data speeds and network capacity promised by 5G networks. Massive MIMO uses large arrays of antennas to transmit and receive data, which allows multiple signals to be sent and received simultaneously. This technology enables wireless carriers to increase network capacity and improve signal quality, even in areas with high demand.


Airgain as an Industry Leader in 5G Connectivity:

Airgain is an innovator and industry leader in the development and deployment of wireless connectivity solutions, including those related to 5G Connectivity. Airgain’s 5G’s expertise runs the gamut in terms of viable solutions, including:

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