5G Fixed Wireless Access

Airgain’s outdoor 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) device has integrated best-in-class antennas with a 5G FR1 modem covering 617-4200 MHz. It is a robust Gigabit outdoor FWA device with IP67 rating that comes bundled with a patent-pending easy installation kit that removes the need for costly professional installation and a cloud-based management tool that allows enterprise users to visualize and track the behavior of each device.

The easy installation kit includes a mobile app that allows you to observe the real-time signal quality and adjust the direction of the device to maximize the signal strength.

Global Leader in 5G: Fixed Wireless Access

The market for fixed wireless access (FWA) is poised for exponential growth over the next five years and Airgain is leading the way. The global leader in 5G antenna development for FWA, Airgain supports numerous implementations of 5G FWA in both consumer and enterprise environments.

We simplify fixed wireless access with the industry’s best RF engineers, custom designs and copious testing services. And our full reference designs will help you get to market quicker than any other solution in the marketplace.

So, whether you need the best embedded antenna design for your product, need to enhance the signal of your current offering, or are seeking to build a new FWA device from the ground up, we can help.

Airgain's FWA Offerings are Divided into Three Areas:


Customized, high-performance embedded antennas optimized for unique industrial designs

Complete design reviews and comprehensive environmental design and over-the-air (OTA) testing services to ensure maximum performance

Both indoor and outdoor applications



External, high-gain directional antennas that enhance the coverage of existing indoor FWA devices

A separate multi-mount panel antenna that combines the highest gain with the lowest cost in the smallest form factor

Reduces customer churn by boosting the signal of existing devices and infrastructure


Reference design for a fully integrated high-gain, low cost FWA CPE in a small form factor that offers the best total coverage

Includes complete software stack for device and network management as well as specifications and bill of materials

Reduces the need for a professional installer with a patent- pending easy installation kit that includes power supply and dynamic signal quality display for your smart phone


What is 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)?

5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a technology that utilizes the 5G wireless network infrastructure to provide high-speed internet connectivity to homes, businesses, and other fixed locations. Unlike traditional wired broadband connections that rely on cables, such as fiber-optic or DSL lines, 5G FWA delivers internet access through wireless signals.

Key features of 5G FWA include:

High Data Speeds

5G networks are designed to provide significantly faster data speeds compared to previous generations of wireless technology. This makes 5G FWA a compelling option for areas where laying physical cables might be challenging or cost-prohibitive, but gigabit+ speeds are required.

Low Latency

5G technology offers lower latency, which refers to the delay between sending and receiving data. This is particularly important for real-world applications like streaming to or from the cloud, video conferencing, and real-time communication.

Wider Area Coverage

5G networks are built to cover larger geographic areas compared to previous generations, making it possible to reach more remote or rural locations with high-speed internet. This means no more waiting for your internet service provider to upgrade your location to fiber optic.

Rapid Deployment & Scalability

Installing traditional wired infrastructure can be time-consuming and expensive. 5G FWA provides a more flexible and rapid deployment option, as it doesn’t require laying cables and can be set up relatively quickly. It can also be portable from one job site to another if needed.

Connecting the "Last Mile"

5G FWA can address the “last mile” connectivity challenge, which refers to the final leg of connectivity from the service provider’s infrastructure to individual homes or businesses. This is often the most expensive and logistically complex part of deploying broadband services.

Wireless Means No Cables (Less Infrastructure Needed)

One of the main advantages of 5G FWA is that it eliminates the need for physical cables to connect you to the internet, reducing the visual clutter associated with utility poles and underground cables.