5G Smart Repeaters

What is a Smart Repeater?

A smart repeater is a device that is designed to improve the coverage and strength of a wireless signal in a specific area. It is a type of wireless signal booster that can be used to extend the range of a cellular signal, but it’s so much more sophisticated and capable than your run-of-the-mill Cell Phone Booster.

Unlike traditional signal boosters, which simply amplify the signal, a smart repeater actively monitors the signal and adjusts its transmission power and other settings to optimize the signal strength and quality. This makes it more effective at improving signal coverage and reducing signal interference.

Smart repeaters can be used in a variety of settings, such as homes, businesses, and public spaces, to improve the performance of wireless networks and ensure that all devices have reliable access to the cellular network.

Airgain, the Smart Repeater Leader

Airgain IS the industry leader in smart repeater technology. Our smart repeaters are designed to significantly reduce an operator’s capital expenses for extending range while enhancing 5G coverage and improving the customer experience.

Airgain's Lighthouse™ Family of Smart Repeaters

This new family of products includes both low-power small office and home office (SOHO) repeaters and high-power network repeaters for mobile network operators (MNO) and end users.

Some of the highlights of the Lighthouse smart repeaters include advanced carrier aggregation (CA) for FR1-FR1 CA (while future-proofing for FR1-FR2 CA), low latency features in compliance with 3GPP requirements, and software upgradeability to support 3GPP with network-controlled repeater (NCR) standards. Furthermore, the Lighthouse smart repeaters are equipped with innovative smart antenna technology, designed to improve the signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR) and speed up deployment times, as well as a software management stack powered by Errigal’s enterprise solution.

This high-power outdoor smart repeater offers a flexible design with unique smart features. It has an optional built-in smart donor antenna with beam-switching capability to ease installation.

Airgain’s Lighthouse Micro Smart Repeater is a 5GNR small office/ home office (SOHO) solution that expands access to high-quality 5G NR networks operating at sub 6GHz frequencies (FDD, TDD FR1).

“Enhancing 5G network coverage and improving end user experience is critical for MNOs,” said Dr. Ali Sadri, Chief Technology Officer at Airgain. “With our expertise in cellular and antenna technology, we set out to build a solution from the ground up that we believe solves many of the common problems MNOs are likely facing in their deployments of 5G networks. We believe that by offering advanced, out-of-the-box features and future-proofing our repeaters through upgradability, we can significantly reduce deployment costs and simplify broadband wireless connectivity.”

In What Industries are Smart Repeaters Most Helpful?

Smart repeaters can be helpful in a variety of industries where wireless connectivity is essential for business operations. Some of the industries where smart repeaters are particularly useful include:


Smart repeaters are commonly used in the telecommunications industry to boost the signal strength and coverage of cellular networks, which is essential for ensuring reliable mobile phone service and internet connectivity.

In hospitals and other healthcare settings, reliable wireless connectivity is essential for accessing patient records, communicating with colleagues, and operating medical equipment. Smart repeaters can help to improve wireless coverage and ensure that healthcare professionals have access to the data they need to provide high-quality care.


In retail environments, wireless connectivity is important for managing inventory, processing transactions, and communicating with customers. Smart repeaters can help to ensure that all areas of a store have reliable wireless coverage, even in large or complex retail spaces.


In hotels, resorts, and other hospitality settings, wireless connectivity is essential for providing guests with internet access, streaming services, and other amenities. Smart repeaters can help to ensure that all rooms and common areas have strong and reliable Wi-Fi coverage.

Overall, smart repeaters can be useful in any industry where reliable wireless connectivity is essential for business operations.