About Airgain

At Airgain, we simplify wireless connectivity across the value chain. Whether you are designing a connected product and are struggling with the RF design, wading through a tedious and expensive carrier certification process, or need to get your product to market quickly, we can help. On the other end of the value chain, if you are a fleet or logistics manager and need to get better coverage, track the location and status of your assets throughout their entire journey, or simply need a better signal in the harshest environments, we can help with that, too.

For over 20 years, Airgain has dedicated itself to solving complex wireless connectivity issues. With our heritage in custom cellular and antenna design, we have developed a broad portfolio of products that range from embedded modems and antennas to fully integrated products such as vehicle networking platforms and asset tracking solutions. Today, we are a leading provider of wireless connectivity solutions, creating and delivering products across the globe. Whether you are solving a critical connectivity need in the design process or your operating environment, Airgain delivers solutions in the enterprise, automotive, and consumer markets.

Today, Airgain’s offerings are divided into 3 distinct sub-brands: Airgain Embedded, Airgain Integrated, and Airgain Antenna+.

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Airgain Embedded

Our Airgain Embedded offering targets those building connected products and includes our NimbeLink Embedded Modems, Internal Antennas, and Development Kits.

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Airgain Integrated

Our Airgain Integrated offerings target end-users who need to improve connectivity in their operating environment and includes our vehicle networking platforms, asset tracking, private label products, and future development projects.

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Airgain Antenna+

Our Airgain Antenna+ offerings directly target fleet managers and product designers who need a better signal and and is divided into Fleet Antennas and IoT Antennas.

Mission: Airgain is connecting the world through optimized integrated wireless solutions.


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