Antenna Products

Airgain antenna products have been adopted by some of the world’s leading telecom manufacturers and networking companies, and are now being used by millions of carrier subscribers in North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Our antennas are deployed in carrier, fleet, enterprise, residential, private, government, and public safety wireless networks and systems, including set top boxes, access points, routers, modems, gateways, media adapters, extenders, portables, digital televisions, sensors, fleet, and asset tracking devices. Through our pedigree in the design, integration, and testing of high performance embedded antenna technology, our unique product lines help to maximize the performance of wireless devices while providing cost and design flexibility.


AirgainConnect antenna-modems combine a high-performance antenna and modem in a single enclosure, eliminating cable losses, providing dramatic increase in coverage and data rates.

Fleet,M2M, lloT Antennas

The Antenna Plus by Airgain product family provides high performance single and multi-band designs for mobile fleet, public safety, and fixed asset applications.

Embedded Antennas

Airgain provides tailored embedded antenna solutions for a wide range of high-volume smart-home device applications, from in-home gateways and set-top-boxes, to small cells and IoT.

Extrenal Dipole Antennas

Airgain’s OmniMax family of antennas cater for indoor and outdoor applications, both off-the-shelf and customized, for applications in high volume consumer devices through to outdoor gateways.

Carrier-Class Antennas

Airgain provides highly customized antenna solutions to global Enterprise and wireless service providers, for applications from Enterprise Wi-Fi to Carrier FWA (Fixed Wireless Access).

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