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Track. Monitor. Optimize.

Track remote assets with a range of location services, including GPS and cellular/Wi-Fi triangulation in real time. Options to monitor environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. See tilts, drops, opens, detect light, and more.

Our Airgain family of 4G Asset Trackers are designed to be flexible, with the ability to change device configuration while deployed. Open APIs make integration with your Enterprise easy, or purchase a full stack solution from one of our partners.

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Want to extend your existing product portfolio with a remote, cellular tracker? Have an idea for a new asset tracking application? Join our growing list of partners and we’ll get you to market quickly. White label options are available.

Where To Buy

Purchase and deploy. Our partners have full-stack tracking solutions that are ready to use, offering you the shortest path to optimization. Solutions range from fully customizable to designed specifically for unique verticals.

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Want to integrate Asset Tracking and monitoring directly into your enterprise software? We have integrated with dozens of enterprise systems using our open APIs and device management platform.

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Flexible. Configurable. Simple.

Airgain’s mission has been to simplify the process of deploying remote tracking and monitoring devices. With our family of battery powered Asset Trackers, we’ve taken this to a new level. Built-in device management, a range of sensor options, and flexible business models allow for the quick realization of business growth and operational efficiencies.

Asset Tracking Solutions Monitor:

Features and Benefits

Edge to Enterprise

Airgain’s NLink Platform does the hard work for you. Centralized management enables configuration changes to deployed devices at scale while also keeping firmware consistently up to date.

RESTful API ’s allow for simple integration with your enterprise software, or full stack and “ready to deploy” solutions are available through our partners.

Secure, safe, reliable tracking and monitoring of assets made simple.

Asset Tracking Models

Airgain’s family of Asset Tracking devices are ruggedized, function both indoors and outdoors, and deliver exceptional battery life. With up to 14 years on a single set of batteries, each device is globally capable, highly configurable and designed to seamlessly connect to your asset management software of choice.

From simple GPS tracking or Wi-Fi Triangulation to fully featured monitoring, our Asset Trackers are designed to fit the broadest array of use cases, business models and budgets. Whatever you want to track, and wherever you want to track it, there’s an Airgain solution that’s right for you.

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