A Clear Choice for Edge-to-Enterprise Asset Tracking Solutions: NimbeLink’s Partnership with ClearBlade

Author: David Houghton, GM, Asset Tracking Solutions

It’s not every day that two technology companies come together to combine the components of their offerings in such a way that a simpler overall solution emerges. In the case of NimbeLink’s integration with ClearBlade, success was inevitable. Our two companies excel in completely different areas, but the combination of our offerings proves that sometimes one plus one equals more than two.

This week we announced a collective solution that brings together NimbeLink’s intelligent asset tracking solution with ClearBlade’s IoT “operating system”  to establish a best of breed, full stack asset monitoring solution.

What originally drew us to ClearBlade was a shared vision of making integration, the stitching together of disparate technologies, a nonissue for clients seeking production ready, enterprise grade scalable solutions

Like NimbeLink, ClearBlade has demonstrated a commitment to the IoT developer community and has created incredibly powerful and open tools, APIs and methodologies that can be leveraged to design and deploy connected systems for many of the most mission-critical applications across all industries.

Building Industrial IoT systems that work and scale is difficult.  Particularly for those systems designed to support distributed enterprise level IIoT systems, it has never been more important to have access to full-stack, end-to-end solutions that bridge the physical and digital realms.

Though asset tracking has been around for decades, primarily associated with engine-based powered assets (trucks, cars, planes, trains…), the notion of remote, non-powered asset tracking (pallets, containers, railcars, trailers…) remains greenfield., While the entire industry is still early in the growth cycle, our partnership has  successfully implemented this combined, full stack solution that is ready for enterprise level commercialization. This system can either be integrated with existing enterprise systems such as ERP platforms, or with a dedicated application and dashboard where user experience is paramount.

Unique to this solution is a “buy by the drink” model where clients only pay for what they need, and can scale and grow with attractive, corresponding pricing.

Use cases vary widely across and within industries and prevent a “one size fits all” solution.  In response to this diverse set of requirements, we’ve introduced flexibility into every layer of the stack. A family of trackers is available, including varying environmental sensors and robust over the air configurability for unique device personalities, and a customizable application/dashboard. Clients benefit from the open approach through protection from lock-in and choices of visualization, custom rules, enterprise integrations and 3rd party partner collaborations. Together, our Asset Monitoring Solution is aimed at simplifying the process to improve situational awareness for remote assets and enabling real time decision-making.

“Simplicity, convenience, and value economics are driving collective wins and providing value to our customers,” said Eric Simone, CEO of ClearBlade, in a press release that distributed earlier this week. “Our opportunities with NimbeLink and their best of breed asset tracker are huge, given the response we’ve received and the success of our integrated solutions.

After successful integrations and implementations with Fortune 500 companies in the rail and aviation industries, we are very proud to bring our combined offering to more markets, with specific emphasis on large enterprises and logistics organizations.

We share a lot of the same DNA, including an enthusiasm for innovation and a track record of working closely with designers and engineers on the client side. It’s creative – it’s collaborative – it’s customizable and it works. To learn more, please reach out to me at david.houghton@nimbelink.com.