Nimbelink Asset Trackers integrated with SAP

NimbeLink AT2 Asset Tracker w SAP Logo

Nimbelink, a leading provider of cellular IoT solutions and services, has successful integrated its AT2 Asset Tracker with the SAP ERP platform for an industry leader in escalator and elevator manufacturing. Since integrating SAP with our AT2 Asset Tracker, the industry leader has increased their situational awareness of key assets and improved asset utilization and effectiveness around the world. The AT2 is now being globally deployed to monitor their assets. The Nimbelink AT2 is a versatile, ruggedized asset tracking device that delivers monitoring of motion, location, temperature, and humidity. Capable of withstanding both indoor and outdoor environments, the AT2 has proven to be reliable for tracking, protecting, and optimizing assets all around the world. Each of our asset tracking integrations are precisely configured to your use cases. To learn more about how our asset tracking solutions integrate with SAP or other enterprise platforms, please contact us.