Breaking News: Cat M1 for the Internet of Things Is (Almost) Here!

On September 1, Verizon announced the launch of their Cat M1 network, expected by the end of this year. That’s sooner than a lot of people expected, but for those developing applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) it’s not a moment too soon. Cat M1 fills a gap in the range of available cellular services, providing a low-cost option for cellular connectivity on Verizon’s state-of-the-art LTE network. Cat M1 offers a smaller bandwidth than previous services, but its relatively narrow bandwidth is more than adequate for many IoT applications. Another advantage of Cat M1 is its low power requirements, beneficial for all applications but especially for remotely located sensors or devices powered by batteries. (See Verizon’s announcement.)

So, if you are developing IoT applications, there’s your network. Now all you need is a Cat M1 modem, and that’s the other good news. NimbeLink will be releasing a Skywire Cat M1 modem by the time Verizon launches their Cat M1 network. “We will be ready when the network is ready, and we have the products and tools to help our customers be first to market,” says NimbeLink CEO Scott Schwalbe.

Cat M modems provide low-cost cellular access while taking full advantage of the capabilities of the LTE network. This is particularly important because many IoT applications will require large numbers of sensors or devices, and cost will be a major concern. So will time to market, and like other modems in the Skywire line, Cat M modems will be end-device-certified for fast, easy development. Finally, like all members of the Skywire modem family, Cat M1 modems feature Skywire’s smallest-in-the-industry size, share the Skywire embedded modem line’s standard footprint, and are supported with full documentation, development kits, and microprocessor capes and adapters. With the imminent availability of Verizon’s Cat M1 network they are the easiest way to speed cellular-enabled IoT and M2M products to market, providing a reliable, affordable cellular alternative to emerging low-power radio technologies.

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