Everything You Need To Know About Adding Cellular Connectivity to Your IoT Product

IoT Device Developer Video Series

From The Workshop

From The Workshop partnered with GSMA, a foundation for Mobile Operators Worldwide, to create a 3-Part Cellular Crash Course for IoT Device Developers.  In the series we’ll walk through all of the things you need to know before adding LTE or cellular connectivity to your IoT product.

In Part 1 we cover the basic information you need to know about Cellular/LTE networks so that you can optimize your device to use them.

  • Operators and Carriers worldwide building their networks for full coverage
  • LTE Technologies and the future of LTE (5G)
  • Cellular Radio Options (chipset, module, and modems)

In Part 2 we cover the things you need to consider when integrating a cellular radio into your custom hardware design.

  • The differences between chipsets, modules, and modems (RF design, testing, and certifications)
  • Security
  • Firmware Over-The-Air
  • Antennas
  • Power

In Part 3 we talk about what you need to know when deploying your devices to the field, and throughout their deployed lifetime.

  • Development Kits for prototyping
  • Custom PCB design
  • Testing
  • Production (end of line testing)