Large Fleet Utility Water Services Provider

The Challenge

One of the largest, most geographically diverse waste-water utility companies in the
United States had been facing a long-time issue – one for which their operations team had
never found an adequate, cost-effective solution. Simply put, their ability to efficiently serve
customers with safe, clean, affordable and reliable water, was greatly dependent upon their
fleet’s ability to stay connected.
With such a broad geographical service area, connectivity issues were ever-present,
particularly as many of their fleet vehicles were often operating in fringe coverage areas
(which in many cases, were indicative of the customer bases in greatest need). The
resultant pain points came in the form of inflated operating costs, time management
issues, and increased labor challenges.

When we launched the AirgainConnect platform almost a year and half ago, we were looking to solve the connectivity issues that had long plagued public safety and critical infrastructure. By equipping the fleet of a major utility with the AirgainConnect AC-HPUE, we can help its service technicians, inspectors, engineers and field operators to stay connected in order to deliver water where it is needed most.

Morad Sbahi

Senior Vice President, Global Product & Marketing at Airgain

The Solution

For years, working to overcome unstable connections among its service vehicles just
seemed to come part and parcel with the rigors of daily operating procedures. Until a
solution finally presented …
When the water company first heard Airgain’s claim that their AirgainConnect® AC-HPUE™
“delivered up to 10X the power and up to 4X the coverage of a traditional router-mounted
antenna” they hoped it could deliver the game-changing connectivity they sought.

The Results

After some due diligence, demos, and a 50+ unit pilot run, the Company was “all-in” on the
incredible gains the high-powered AirgainConnect AC-HPUE would deliver – specifically,
the fleet connectivity solution they had been seeking for years. The decision was made to
outfit the fleet with this one-of-a-kind solution, increasing range and power to levels they
never thought possible.
To date, the fleet vehicle connectivity results have been unprecedented and the remainder
of the AirgainConnect units will be deployed and leveraged by year’s end

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