The Challenge

Gone are the days of paper billboards. Digital signage with remotely configured content is here. In a typical system, each cluster of signs is connected via Wi-Fi to a nearby router that communicates back to a control center over the LTE network. Advertisers pay for a schedule, and with content being managed real-time, loss of connectivity is not an option. The Wi-Fi antennas used on the signs must be robust and weather resistant, require no servicing, and have a small footprint to mount on relatively thin signs. Initial installation with tight schedules is also a challenge. Short lead-times are required to avoid multiple trips to the installation site or delaying “go-live” dates. Additionally, custom cable lengths are required by installer to ease installation and maximize signal quality

“Working with Airgain is a great experience. The performance of their products and ease of installation, combined with short lead times, drives a successful business model for OUTFRONT. Our customers depend on us to maintain uninterrupted advertising schedules reaching millions of people daily. Airgain ensures we deliver our product on-time and without interruption.

Hank Anderson

Lead Platform Operations Engineer, OUTFRONT Media

The Solution

OUTFRONT Media determined the Airgain M2MAX would be the ideal connectivity solution for the sign mounted antennas. The Airgain M2MAX is a rugged outdoor antenna designed specifically for Machine to Machine (M2M) applications. This antenna provides best in class performance providing high gain dual band Wi-Fi antennas in a single robust and compact housing, shipped with customer defined cable lengths.

M2Max 5-in-1 High Performance Antenna

The Results

OUTFRONT Media’s systems maintain solid connectivity using Airgain’s high performance antennas, resulting in a stable and reliable system. Additionally, installation rollouts are smoother and stay on schedule due to Airgain’s configurable offerings and short lead times. This is a win-win combination for OUTFRONT Media and their customers.

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