Custom Antenna Design

Airgain’s experienced engineering team acts as a dedicated outsource partner for antenna design, integration support, and test services.

Airgain has built a leadership position in the in-home WLAN antenna market through its design capability in the field of high performance antenna solutions. Airgain also designs systems for enterprise access points, outdoor hotspots including cellular/LTE, M2M including applications such as smart metering and wireless security cameras, in-home smart connectivity applications such as smart TV’s and wireless sensors, as well as high performance designs for the automotive market. Airgain is continuously expanding its solutions footprint in wireless markets inside, and outside of the connected home. Airgain understands every aspect of device design that impacts wireless performance.

We currently maintain antenna design centers in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. This regional support provides flexibility to customize antennas specific to individual customer devices, maximizing design turnaround speed and ultimately device performance.

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