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Often times the best Asset Tracking solution means having data in your existing enterprise software. If that’s you, you’re in the right place. NimbeLink has integrated our Asset Trackers with dozens of enterprise solutions including SAP, Salesforce, AWS, Azure and more. The process starts with a conversation and a deployment kit (see below).

And if this isn’t you, we have a great family of solution partners that have developed full stack solutions for many vertical markets. Click Find a Partner to see our current list.

Track. Monitor. Optimize.

Your Data, Your Enterprise

An Asset Tracking and Monitoring solution that reports directly to the enterprise software you’re already using. Data where it should be.

Short Development Cycle

NimbeLink has integrated our asset trackers with industry leading enterprise systems across the globe. Open APIs and our experienced team simplify and shorten the integration process.


You have the power to use the data the way you want to. Correlate asset location and condition data with other parameters of your business. Accelerate decisions, reduce manhours, shorten cycles, raise revenue, improve profitability.

I have to say after a couple of years trying to find a workable solution and a couple of “false starts” with other options, NimbeLink has been a great success and probably the easiest technology deployment I’ve seen in my 12 years – awesome stuff!

Malcolm McAllister

CIO, KF Aerospace


NimbeLink’s proprietary NLink Platform does the hard work for you. Centralized device and configuration management enables configuration changes to deployed devices while also keeping firmware consistently up to date.

Pub/Sub RESTful API allows for simple integration with your enterprise software, or full stack and “ready to deploy” solutions are available through a variety of our partners.

Secure, safe and reliable tracking and monitoring of assets made simple.

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