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Innovative Aftermarket Antenna Solutions and Asset Tracking Devices for Next-Gen Fleet Management

Proactive, effective fleet management bolsters productivity by expanding visibility, efficiency, asset loss prevention, and optimizes the customer experience. GPS/GNSS tracking continues to rise a major factor in fleet productivity and asset management.

Airgain’s aftermarket antennas are compatible with the most popular vehicular routers and/or modems and are designed specifically, to meet the evolving needs of fleet management.

Our Antenna+ product family provides custom antenna solutions for automotive fleet and other mobile applications (mass transportation, public safety, smart utilities, enterprise IoT fleets, and mobile resource management (MRM)). Our antennas support MIMO LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS/GNSS, providing levels of security and efficiency to meet the uncompromising demands of today’s high-paced market.

Airgain Antenna+

Airgain Integrated

Airgain’s Asset Tracking Devices (the AT2, AT4 and AT6) – are ruggedized, operate indoors and out, and deliver exceptional battery life. Each device is globally capable, highly configurable, and is designed to seamlessly connect to your Enterprise through the NLink Platform.

Our asset tracking devices are water and dust resistant, equally durable indoors and out and feature a robust power management system that delivers unmatched reliability and lifetime value – all these traits coupled with the NLink Platform, your devices can be quickly configured and connected, making them ideal for both fleet and aftermarket applications.

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