What are the Biggest Challenges for Fleet Upfitters?

In this quickly evolving tech environment, the challenges for fleet antenna upfitters have been growing exponentially. Some of the areas where upfitters are having to deal with obstacles include integrating new technology with existing systems. And with that, being able to maintain critical connectivity (reliably) and allowing for seamless data transmission in challenging environments.

Another area upfitters are pressed are keeping up with compliance standards with a seemingly endless of new regulations and standards that race to evolve with new products. And if that isn’t enough, they are having to balance cost AND performance, while not losing touch with the day-to-day efficacy of their fleet and personnel that depend upon their systems.

So, how does the modern upfitter balance it all, make cost-effective decisions, and provide their fleets and teams with the best possible connectivity without breaking budgets and/or efficiency? 

What is the Benefit of Working with Airgain?

Airgain has an unrivaled portfolio of advanced wireless connectivity products for mobile, automotive fleet, and industrial IoT and M2M applications. They are designed for all environments. What’s more, our broad range of highly integrated and multi-band products support applications from kiosk and ATM connectivity to government and public safety applications. 

What’s more, at Airgain, you aren’t just ‘any’ partner, you’re a highly valued extension of our team. Beyond our best-in-class products, you will enjoy white-glove support throughout the sales process and beyond. As an Airgain partner, you will have access to the tools and expertise necessary to accelerate your sales, out-position the competition, and grow your business through stronger engagement. 

Airgain's 5 Year Limited Warranty on Antennas Badge

5-Year Limited Warranty

Our Fleet products come with a 5-year warranty and boast North American Manufacturing.

Airgain's Program for Resellers

Airgain’s broad portfolio and unique products allow our resellers to solve critical connectivity needs across the value chain. Our trusted reputation across enterprise, automotive, and consumer markets continues to grow. Emboldened by a culture of support, generous compensation, and the industry’s most robust 5year warranty, Airgain offers a truly premier industry Partner Program.

HPUE for First Responders and Critical Infrastructure

AirgainConnect: High Power Mobile Antenna Solution (HPUE)

AirgainConnect AC-HPUE integrates a high-power modem with high gain antennas directly into a single, rugged enclosure. This smartly engineered device eliminates RF loss and provides a significant boost in transmit power, ideal for first responder and fleet applications. Engage in the newest game-changing wave of powerful fleet-connectivity solutions.