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Whether you seek to save cost, become more efficient or even create new connectivity opportunities within your agriculture organization, Airgain’s ability to connect, gather data and streamline operations can help you build a company for today and tomorrow.

We can assist you in several way, including product creation, build, engagement, activation, deployment and even help you to better govern every asset within your energy-sector operation – regardless of device type, operator, or geography – And we can do so with ease and accuracy. This means you can take advantage of any and all opportunities to expand, transform and right-size to scale.

How Does the Internet of Things (IoT) Impact Agriculture?

IoT technologies are already deeply impacting the agriculture industry. The most influential implementations come with “smart” monitoring solutions. Real-time data delivered via asset trackers help agriculture managers, farmers, and ranchers know in an instant if something is wrong with alerts delivered to their mobile devices. Those alerts, coupled with valuable insights provided through aggregated data, farmers, both private and corporate, leverage IoT to reduce costs, optimize maintenance, boost efficiency, bolster crop yields and even keep their livestock healthy.

Fixed Wireless Access Provides High-Speed Internet Connectivity For Farming

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology has emerged as a valuable solution for the farming and agriculture industries, providing numerous benefits and opportunities for improvement. FWA allows farmers and agricultural businesses to connect to high-speed internet networks without the need for traditional wired infrastructure, such as fiber optic cables. This technology utilizes wireless communication systems to deliver reliable and fast internet connectivity to remote areas, revolutionizing the way farming and agriculture operations are conducted.

One significant advantage of FWA in the farming industry is enhanced precision agriculture. Precision agriculture relies heavily on real-time data collection and analysis to optimize crop yield, reduce costs, and conserve resources. With FWA, farmers can access high-speed internet and deploy advanced sensor networks across their fields to monitor soil moisture, weather conditions, crop growth, and other critical factors. This data can be instantly transmitted to cloud-based platforms for analysis, enabling farmers to make data-driven decisions and implement precise interventions, such as irrigation adjustments or targeted pest control, to maximize productivity and efficiency.

By providing high-speed and reliable internet connectivity to even the most remote agricultural locations, FWA enables precision agriculture practices and facilitates the adoption of automation and smart farming techniques.

The Role of Asset Trackers in Agriculture

IoT allows us to keep a close eye on operations, crops, and livestock with dynamic asset trackers that allow us to learn so many different things. By monitoring those factors that are most critical to operations, trackers are becoming valuable members of the team.   

From ensuring gates are secured to enclosure temperature and airflow checks – animals have never been so-well looked after. As for crops, IoT technology and aftermarket antennas allow farmers to adjust to conditions on the fly, with in-the-moment data providing updates on important factors such as water saturation, or available orchard moisture and the like. 

The Importance of Antennas in Agriculture and Farming

Network antennas provide can provide incomparable performance in outdoor environments like never before. With strategically optimized antenna solutions, obstructions (including, but not limited to) farm equipment, crops, fences, irrigation systems, and buildings that would otherwise interfere with long-range communications (and asset tracking intel) can be neutralized. Unlike standard wireless antennas, Airgain’s portfolio of high-performance aftermarket antenna solutions are idyllically designed for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) applications like these. Our antennas provide users with consistent voice and data communications while reducing signal degradation.

High Powered User Equipment (HPUE) for Farming

For large private and corporate farms & ranches, success and profits can hinge on reliable connectivity. High Powered User Equipment (HPUE) combines the efficacy of aftermarket smart antennas with embedded modems to greatly enhance signal strength to promote connectivity, even in the most prohibitive environments. So, whether you’re concerned with keeping your transportation assets connected within heavily forested or mountainous regions in remote areas.

The addition of HPUE to farming provider connectivity can immediately deliver the following benefits:

• Maximum allowable transmit power (Power Class 1)

• Innovative design eliminates cable loss, increasing transmit power to the antenna

• Rugged design effective in extreme environments

• Optional Wi-Fi and GNSS antennas

• Extends coverage in typical low signal environments

Real World Use Cases For IoT In Agriculture and Farming

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