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Why Build a Connected Consumer Product?

With the popularity of connected consumer products hitting the market, what are some of the reasons companies are electing to connect? Well, disparate industries certainly have different reasons, but a few motivations are evergreen.  
Whether selling direct to consumer, or B2B, connected means the added benefit of customer engagement and loyalty. Connected products can also deliver a bevy of valuable data and insights to help the development of next generation models and other market insights. While there are almost limitless reasons to offer connected consumer products.

How to Build a Connected Product

When the decision has been made to develop a connected product in the consumer goods industry, it must be determined what are the most critical needs of the target audience that could be solved by connecting the product in question. The next step is to decide on the features, functionality and product design and how those might align with the needs of the consumer.

Once you have reached this point, take the following steps to bring your connected wireless product to market:

Developing the software: This includes developing the firmware, mobile app, and other software components required for the product. 

Testing and debugging: Thoroughly test the product to ensure that it works as expected and fix any bugs or glitches 

Certifying the product: Get the product certified by relevant authorities to ensure that it meets safety and regulatory. (Airgain’s Nimbelink Embedded Modems come carrier pre-certified.) 

Launching the product: After successful testing and certification, the product can be launched to the market and made available to consumers 

Monitoring and updating: Continuously monitor the product performance and update it as needed to address any issues and improve the user

Commonly Connected Consumer Goods

A list of common products that are often found with wireless connectivity:

Airgain Supports OEMs Building Connected Consumer Goods with:

Technical Expertise: Airgain has specialized knowledge and experience developing and integrating wireless connectivity solutions. We provide technical support and expertise to our OEM partners with design help and of course, by providing high-efficacy connected solutions.

Time-to-Market: We help OEMs speed up the development process, enabling them to get their connected products to market faster … One way is by circumventing the entire certification process with our carrier pre-certified NimbeLink Embedded Modems. 

Cost Savings: Wireless connectivity companies can offer cost-effective solutions, helping the OEM reduce development costs and improve profitability.

Reliability and Security: We provide reliable and secure connectivity solutions ensuring that your connected product(s) will work as intended and are deeply protected from cyber threats. 

Improved User Experience (UX): We assist you in the design connected products to deliver a seamless, user-friendly experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Competitive Advantage: We work with all the latest latest technology and trends, serving as a wireless solutions industry leader, helping you to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

We provide additional assistance through value-add benefits such as in-depth market research, improved product features, cost savings, increased revenue and a more rewarding customer experience for end users, with the knowledge we’ve gained by serving other OEM partners across disparate industries.

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