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Aerial Drones

Aerial drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), can use IoT technology in a variety of ways. The type of technology they use, and the specific use cases for those technologies can vary between hobbyists and professional drone operators.

Drone operation relies on wireless communications over long distances for telemetry and control, as well as the transmission of data from cameras, sensors, and other wireless connectors.

The more sophisticated drones which are capable of autonomous flight, use the data from their sensors and various algorithms to navigate between locations while avoiding obstacles along the way.

NimbeLink LTE Cat 4 and LTE Cat 1 Embedded Modems provide robust connectivity between the operator and the drone via LTE cellular networks. This connectivity extends the operating range of the aircraft and is used to control the drone, monitor position, receive still images and video from traditional, infra-red, and spectral cameras.

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Firebolt Case Study

Firebolt had been tasked by the MillerCoors Beer Company to design and develop a “Cooler TV,” a unit that provides point of sales information and advertising to help drive sales at the coolers in convenience stores. With a tight 90-day deadline, they teamed up with Airgain to develop and deploy the project on time; skipping certification costs and setting standards.

Cut Certification Costs, Get Remote Data to the Cloud Faster

With our NimbeLink Embedded Modems and Asset Tracking Solutions, we’ll help you to bring your IoT product to market on time. Most of our clients perform all the engineering themselves and Design-in the NimbeLink and deploy ahead of the rest. We can provide engineering backup and develop end-to-end white label products.

We’ll work with your organization to meet your commitments. We’re focused on bringing your vision to realization — fast.

Comprehensive Support Services

As a Airgain customer, you have access to cellular specialists.

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We’ll work with your organization to meet your commitments. We’re focused on bringing your vision to realization — fast.

Embedded Solutions

All NimbeLink products are pin-compatible allowing you to future proof your product with the latest cellular technologies.

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