Floor Care Equipment

Commercial floor care equipment is used on the floors of airports, hospitals, shopping malls, grocery stores, office buildings, and more. While much of this equipment is currently manually operated, many manufacturers are introducing autonomous equipment that conducts autonomous operations during off-hours.

Some of the more sophisticated companies are utilizing IoT Technology and Cellular Asset Tracking devices to track, monitor, and remotely control their equipment. This allows them to track the usage and performance of the equipment over its lifecycle, as well as schedule maintenance alerts when predetermined conditions are met.

This helps operators ensure that their equipment is in a good working condition and helps reduce the chance of preventable failure. Overall, IoT technology is increasing efficiency by reducing downtime and lowering the long term costs of operating the equipment.

NimbeLink Cat 1 and LTE-M Embedded Modems are the future-proof smart choices for monitoring floor care equipment. This system can monitor the health of the machine and issue maintenance alerts and notify supervisors if a machine moves out of a pre-defined region of the facility.

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Greenbox Case Study

GreenBoxEnergy’s Greenbox system monitors all aspects of a building’s hot water system to maintain water temperature and availability when and where it’s needed while controlling energy use. They needed a connected device they could easily install at its customers’ premises to collect and transmit this data to a web-based dashboard. Airgain designed a custom device with 16 temperature probes to collect real-time data.

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With our NimbeLink Embedded Modems and Asset Tracking Solutions, we’ll help you to bring your IoT product to market on time. Most of our clients perform all the engineering themselves and Design-in the NimbeLink and deploy ahead of the rest. We can provide engineering backup and develop end-to-end white label products.

We’ll work with your organization to meet your commitments. We’re focused on bringing your vision to realization — fast.

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We’ll work with your organization to meet your commitments. We’re focused on bringing your vision to realization — fast.

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