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Medical Applications

Bottled Medical Gases

Remotely monitoring medical gas cylinders in real-time using the cellular network allows hospitals to optimize usage and reduce risk.  Either simply monitoring levels to ensure continuous supply, or also monitoring location to ensure access, cellular based monitoring ensures real time data independent of wifi availability. NimbeLink LTE-M Embedded Modems are ideal and deliver reliable, global connectivity with 2G Fallback.

Recommended Products:

A blue bottle of medical gases with gauges that are connected to the internet with Airgain's wireless technology.

ATEK Case Study

ATEK had a prospective customer needing a cost-effective, cellular-enabled device to monitor and alert when mission critical industrial fuel filters needed replacing. They turned to Airgain to help meet the customer’s tight deadline.  The proof-of-concept was completed in just over a month, and three months later, ten units were ready for beta testing. After a few tweaks and with Airgain’s continued support ATEK went into production.

Large grey industrial pump with white pipes.

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