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How Does IoT Improve the Medical Industry?

The connection between medicine and IoT is so natural, it already has its own name, IoMT or the Internet of Medical Things. By 2026 IoT in health care is expected to be worth in the ballpark of $142.25 billion with many medical technologies serving to improve efficiencies and with them, save lives.

Medical Connectivity Changes Everything

From increased accessibility to care options such as Telehealth to flexible patient monitoring options for caregivers, IoT (IoMT), is improving the medical industry in ways never thought possible. With real-time applications that enable hospital resource tracking, the administering of proper medication doses & drug efficacy measurements, game-changing connectivity-based solutions for medical applications seemingly with each passing day. Even high-sensitivity asset-trackers being deployed to ensure that transplant organs are being transported in optimal conditions to ensure idyllic results. 

How Embedded Cellular Modems Have Enhanced Healthcare

One product-type that is irreplaceable to companies designing medical industry solutions is the invaluable embedded modem. Having a seamless cellular connection is farandaway, one of the most critical features for remote devices – a huge advantage compared to relying on Wi-Fi, or experiencing downtimes when such a device is in transit.

Small and versatile modems are specifically engineered & tailored to meet the stringent requirements of an industry whose sole focus is the support of human lives. By leveraging the seamless connectivity and reliability of high-efficacy embedded modems, IoT healthcare devices can deliver alerts when equipment power is running low, giving both patients and providers new peace of mind. Further, properly deployed embedded modem solutions improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy of real-time patient monitoring applications in ways previously not thought possible.

In many cases, medical device-embedded modems and their inherent connectivity often eliminate the need for regular physician visits by allowing providers to monitor, track and flag any health changes or deviations. These benefits allow many patients to live independently, enjoying more robust lifestyles without sacrificing care or creating stress from the unknown.

The Importance of Antennas in IoMT

Without antennas, IoMT would have no way to communicate and share the data. Antennas are critical in both medical device as well as biomedical applications where they are transmitting critical information procured from within a living being. Allowing caregivers and parents to monitor younger diabetic children’s blood sugar levels to a Telehealth booth transmitting a patient’s vitals to a doctor hundreds of miles away – all of it is enabled by high-functioning antennas.

How Asset Trackers are Being Deployed in the Medical Industry

Medical asset tracking systems are vital across myriad applications and use-cases. Asset trackers in the medical field are deployed to be sure hospitals receive equipment on time and ensure they’re both locatable (and as a result, available when needed) on the premises.

During the pandemic, we learned first-hand from medical staffs how difficult could be to locate available patient monitors and ventilators when they were of critical need – not unlike misplacing a wallet or set of keys (with life-threatening implications).

Airgain is Connecting the Medical Industry

Whether you seek to save cost, become more efficient or even create new opportunities and capabilities to the medical field, Airgain’s ability to connect and gather data can help your organization built a company for today and tomorrow.

We can help you create, build, engage, activate, deploy and govern every asset of your transportation – regardless of device type, operator, or geography – with ease and accuracy. This means you can take advantage of chances to expand, transform and right-size to scale.

Case Studies from our Customers in the Medical Field

Bottled Medical Gases

Remotely monitoring medical gas cylinders in real-time using the cellular network allows hospitals to optimize usage and reduce risk.  Either simply monitoring levels to ensure continuous supply, or also monitoring location to ensure access, cellular based monitoring ensures real time data independent of wifi availability. NimbeLink LTE-M Embedded Modems are ideal and deliver reliable, global connectivity with 2G Fallback.

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A blue bottle of medical gases with gauges that are connected to the internet with Airgain's wireless technology.

ATEK Case Study

ATEK had a prospective customer needing a cost-effective, cellular-enabled device to monitor and alert when mission critical industrial fuel filters needed replacing. They turned to Airgain to help meet the customer’s tight deadline.  The proof-of-concept was completed in just over a month, and three months later, ten units were ready for beta testing. After a few tweaks and with Airgain’s continued support ATEK went into production.

Large grey industrial pump with white pipes.

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