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Airgain has a growing list of partners with direct industry experience in a wide range of verticals. Offering full-stack solution software, this is the fastest path to leveraging Remote Asset Tracking & Monitoring to streamline operations, grow revenue and reduce waste. See a current listing of our partner relationships below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out and let our team identify a good partner for your needs, based on our experience.

Where to buy NimbeLink Asset Trackers

Integrated, Application-Ready Solutions

Full Stack Solution

A Full Stack Solution means that you get everything from hardware to a dashboard, no development needed. Dashboards are often unique to industry needs, and these industry experts can help you reach your goals.

Plug & Play

No custom development necessary, no integration quirks, and no headache. Working with Airgain’s partner network allows you to quickly test and deploy Asset Tracking and Monitoring devices without the struggle of going it alone.

Industry Expertise

Every industry is different and so are the solutions to their needs. With deep industry experience in a wide range of verticals, these partners bring expertise to solving remote asset monitoring challenges.

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