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Fleet Intelligence™ is a mixed fleet telematics solution, built on Business Intelligence. Fleet Intelligence™ is a data integration solution, not just a telematics provider and fleet management system. They are more than telematics, because you are more than dots on a map.

Fleet Intelligence Features

Fleet Intelligence™ is part of Foresight Intelligence® – a 12-year old data company built on business intelligence. Foresight has been solving telematics for agriculture and global Ag dealers for over a decade. They created Fleet Intelligence™ in 2017 to cater to their mixed fleet customers wanting to track OTR, heavy equipment, attachments and 3rd party + OEM. As the only data company in the world offering a full suite telematic solution, Fleet Intelligence™ can not only solve any tracking issue you may have, but they are an agile built solution for any type of sync and system integration you may need for your business to run as smooth as the machines you manage.

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