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Lattis is a new Mobility Platform that enables shared-use of bicycles, ebikes, scooters, mopeds, and more. Lattis supports the integration of smart locks, IoT trackers, and parking solutions to enable a turn-key solution for fleets.  The platform consists of a consumer facing mobile app, an operator mobile app, and a web dashboard.  The dashboard displays real time fleet management of tracking, utilization, and maintenance tickets.  The system also enables optimization of operations, transparency of fleet, combined with customizable parking options, and powerful analytics to get insights on your fleet’s performance.

Lattis App

The Lattis mobile app allows members to locate your bikes/scooters and access them with a simple tap of their phone. The simple rider app makes vehicle rental and payment a breeze. Riders can use the search feature to find the best bike for the trip.  Alternatively, members can use the QR code function to quickly scan and rent a bike or scooter.

The Lattis Operator & Maintenance (O&M) app is an app designed for the fleet operator and technician.  Use the app to on-board vehicles, move them from staging to live, and resolve tickets on-site.  On-demand maintenance reduces downtime unavailability in the system.  Alerts help operators respond quickly to accidents, tampering or out-of-bounds vehicles.

Lattis Dashboard

The Lattis dashboard is a powerful web application that allows you to design and manage your fleet.  The Dashboard lets you dig deeper and spot trends so you can learn more about your riders.  You can access all the trips and see them on a map.  Filter and visualize trips in ways that are interesting to you, by time of day, trip duration, and distance traveled.  You can design parking rules, set pricing, manage members, set customizable alerts and notifications, get extensive reporting and analytics. You can even export trips as a .CSV file, for expense reporting or your own analysis.

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