Lenovo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of servers, and has partnered with Airgain to provide a discrete and robust Asset Tracking Solution to their customers. By allowing their customers to directly purchase Airgain’s AT6 Asset Trackers, the device can be embedded into a specially designed compartment on the server’s chassis.

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE360 V2

Lenovo’s new ThinkEdge SE360 V2 server was designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate the NL-AT6 Asset Tracker directly into the chassis of the server. This specially designed compartment conceals and protects the asset tracking device while allowing the necessary signals from the device to work uninterrupted.

This new partnership allows customers to purchase their servers from Lenovo, and then purchase the optional AT6 directly from Airgain. The location data is then passed through Airgain’s NLink platform to the customer’s software stack with ease and security.

NLink Platform

Airgain’s NLink Platform does the hard work for you. Centralized management enables configuration changes to deployed devices at scale while also keeping firmware consistently up to date.

RESTful API ’s allow for simple integration with your enterprise software, or full stack and “ready to deploy” solutions are available through our partners.

Secure, safe, reliable tracking and monitoring of assets made simple.

Dedicated Dashboard

Being an integrated solution means that tracking, monitoring, and optimizing is as easy to set up and manage as it can be. Data from the NL-AT6 Asset Trackers passes through Airgain’s proprietary NLink software, where based on customer configuration and parameters will pass data to their dashboard.

This allows customers to get real-time alerts if their servers move unexpectedly, or when other customer-specified conditions are met. Additionally, the dashboard keeps track and logs of all your servers geospatial data over time, and allows you to set up access for individual users and assign them the assets you would like them to manage.

NL-AT6 Asset Tracker

Airgain’s NL-AT6 Asset Tracker bring situational awareness to location tracking for a low cost, providing more than just GPS tracking services. The AT6 includes an accelerometer, light and temperature sensors, bluetooth, wi-fi triangulation, and GPS/GNSS satellite location services, all powered by an exceptionally long onboard battery life.

Thanks to the seamless integration with our NLink platform, customers are able to quickly and easily configure their devices to connect to their existing enterprise software stack, with the alerts and updates they require to ensure the security of their Lenovo servers.

How to Order Your Asset Trackers

Airgain and Lenovo have made it easy to order. Simply fill out the order form, and one of our Salespeople will contact you shortly to answer any questions you may have, and provide you support through the entire sales and implementation process.

In the meantime, please check out our Documentation section below for a Product Overview, Order Process Sheet, Standard Pricing Sheet, Installation Guide, as well as Technical Specifications for the NL-AT6 device, and an explanation of some of its relevant features.

Asset Tracker Order Form


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