Performance Validation Services

Concurrent performance improvement is more important than ever before and the necessity for real-world performance testing, validation services, and device characterization has become more of a requirement than a benefit.

Airgain has been designing and evaluating wireless antenna solutions for 802.11-based wireless LAN devices since our inception in 2003. Airgain has developed a set of proprietary performance metrics, measurement methodologies, and automated test conditions to enable accurate and repeatable characterization of the relative Over-the-Air (OTA) performance of 802.11-based WLAN devices from routers, gateways, and set top boxes, to TV sets. Our benchmark testing provides an accurate assessment of the performance characteristics for devices to enable buyers to make informed decisions in selecting the best antenna solution for their needs.

Our extensive OTA test process utilizes industry standard measurement tools and our proprietary implementation of the IEEE 802.11.2 Draft Recommended Practice for the Evaluation of 802.11 Wireless Performance. Airgain’s proprietary over-the-air testing process has been established as an industry leader for wireless throughput testing.

Multi-Client Performance Improvement

Overcrowding of in-home Wi-Fi networks is making it increasingly difficult to anticipate and to optimize the performance and connectivity of multiple client devices. More operators are turning to Airgain to help them assess the unique challenges of concurrent device network performance. Airgain’s proprietary technology provides automated and highly repeatable characterization of single and multi-client wireless networking performance, within tightly controlled residential test environments. Airgain test environments include specialized residential homes and offices, emulating our customer’s real-world applications, ensuring the capture of throughput and coverage performance metrics that are truly indicative of each device’s real-word performance and end customer experience.
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Leading Industry Standard

Throughput verification of wireless networking for in-home devices

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Performance Validation Services

Proprietary test methodologies for highly accurate and repeatable characterization

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OTA Throughput Testing

Airgain’s dedicated test sites emulate ‘real-world’ environments

Comprehensive Services

Airgain customers have access to a comprehensive set of services for single and multi-client Wi-Fi performance testing, characterization, and validation for wireless devices utilizing advanced MIMO configurations and technologies including WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and more. Our service offering includes early stage system design, custom engineering support, and superior Over-the-Air (OTA) testing services for service providers and original equipment manufacturers:

Regional OTA Test Facilities

Airgain’s regional OTA test facilities replicate the real-world performance in typical homes and offices, while providing isolation from external RF and wireless interference. This low noise environment is key when comparing and identifying the effect of various antenna and system designs on wireless throughput performance, and provides the basis for Airgain’s superior performance. Airgain has multiple dedicated test sites located in the vicinity of its development locations in San Diego, CA, Cambridge, UK, Taipei, Taiwan, and Shenzhen, China.

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