CBRS and Lower C-Band Panel Antenna

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Airgain’s CBRS and Lower C-Band Panel Antennas (CPA) is an outdoor antenna, designed specifically to provide high-performance connectivity for 2×2 MIMO point-to-point or point-to-multipoint applications. Equipped with two ports, this antenna connects to almost any branch router or modem. Delivering powerful MIMO technology, this antenna offers two high-gain CBRS and Lower C-Band antennas that operate in the 3300 to 3800 MHz band. The small panel limits the wireless infrastructure footprint and provides high-gain for stable point-to-point links. Each antenna features a heavy-duty, UV-resistant radome and mounting brackets for all weather operation. 

Standard Configuration

 AP-PANEL-CBRS-NF-GR   MIMO LTE (3300 to 3800 MHz) x 2, N-female connectors x 2, Gray 
Electrical Data
Frequency Range3300-3800 MHz
Gain (dBi)16.5
H plan beam width90°±6
V plan beam width7.5° +/- 2
Front-to-back ratio>23 dB
Isolation>28 dB
X-polar level>12 dB
Max input power (W)100 W
Lightning protectionDC ground
Mechanical Data
Dimensions650mm x 128mm x 56mm REF
Weight (g)3.5Kg REF
Rated wind velocity (m/s)60
Connector positionBottom
Waterproof levelIP45
Radome materialUPVC
Clip yards in diameter35-90mm
Operating temperature-35~+65°C
RoHSAccord with RoHS