Internal Antennas

We engage with global chipset providers, carriers, ODMs and OEMs to develop highly integrated and customized embedded antenna solutions. With over 1000 models of embedded antennas supporting common wireless standards, our embedded solutions are specifically designed to optimize individual device connectivity and are typically unique for a specific customer device as a solution set. We draw from our existing antenna design library when implementing embedded antenna programs, to drive constant improvement and evolution in performance, while reducing time to market.

MaxBeam™ High Gain Embedded Antennas

Airgain MaxBeam High Gain Antennas utilize patented beamforming technology to deliver up to double signal strength and receive more sensitivity than conventional antenna solutions. The superior performance is derived by combining the benefits of high gain directional antenna elements with high isolation between each beam. Each antenna utilizes mixed material, integrated multi-element assemblies to provide optimal performance and turnkey integration. The MaxBeam antenna family offers maximum coverage designed for WLAN and Cellular/LTE frequency bands. Single, dual, tri-band and concurrent radio, as well as switched Smart Antenna options are available.

Profile Embedded Antennas

Airgain Profile Embedded Antennas feature highly efficient PCB-based low profile design optimized for confined industrial designs. Ideal for embedded applications requiring integration flexibility, the Profile family includes case, through-hole, and SMT mount designs and is available in single, dual, and tri-band applications.

Profile Contour Embedded Antennas

The Profile Contour Embedded Antenna line accommodates more placement options within design constraints for curved cases and miniaturization of smaller wireless devices including wearables and M2M applications. The Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) material provides robust assembly variations for more demanding customer applications. The flexible design allows for maximum ease of integration and is available for use in numerous frequency bands.

Profile Ceramic Embedded Antennas

Airgain dielectric ceramic patch antennas are a low profile, high efficiency, high gain, passive or active antenna solution for GNSS/GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou applications, such as mobile handheld tracking, and vehicle navigation. Designed for embedded use, these antennas provide reliable performance in a compact package sizes with micro‐strip GPS right‐hand circular polarization, terminated via leaded center pin with various ease-of-placement mounting options.

Ultra Embedded Antennas

The Ultra line of embedded antennas has been designed for lower cost, embedded applications. The stamped metal design allows for rapid customization and tuning to each device, making them ideal for embedded applications requiring integration flexibility. Ideal for very high volume applications, these antennas utilize superior materials and plating to ensure optimal performance and extended life. Available in cabled and PCB mount designs, for single or dual-band feed operation.

SmartMax™ Embedded Antennas

SmartMax chipset agnostic antennas utilize dynamic spatial and polarity selection, providing optimal throughput performance and coverage for 802.11ac/ax Wi-Fi systems. Designed for set top box, gateway, and smart HDTV deployments, SmartMax improves spatial correlation among received signals, producing a significant improvement in the performance of MIMO systems. Airgain’s SmartMax provides up to a 25% downlink throughput improvement for Smart TV applications. SmartMax antennas require no dedicated connectivity to Wi-Fi chipset base-band circuits, minimizing the cost and complexity typically associated with Smart Antenna System integration.

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