Residential Gateways

Airgain’s antenna systems enable ubiquitous connectivity throughout the home for internet access and media distribution to multiple fixed and mobile computing devices, smart TVs, and home automation devices that share the same broadband connections. Airgain has solutions for wireless audio, control, and video distribution inside the home including set top boxes, carrier gateways, media access points, media bridges, broadband routers, smart thermostats, meters, sound bars, smart remotes, and more.

In-home carrier devices are becoming increasingly complex, as they evolve with industry technology trends such as higher order MIMO and MU-MIMO based Wi-Fi architectures, while adding support for additional wireless connectivity systems to keep pace with the increasingly complex ecosystem of devices that seek connectivity within the home.

Airgain’s throughput optimized systems can mitigate the co-existence challenges presented by close proximity of different wireless technologies in the same box on similar operating frequencies, such as ZigBee Pro, Zigbee RF4CE, ZWave, BlueTooth, enabling carriers to obtain leading class Wi-Fi performance for their customers.

We partner with carriers to ensure overall end customer satisfaction, enabling support for expanding OTT content, and reducing the need for supporting service calls and truck rolls to service Wi-Fi related issues. With Airgain, carriers can eliminate in-home coax cable distribution, offering customers the ability to move their smart TVs to any point in the house to vastly reduce installation time and costs.

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