Long-Range LPWAN Enabled Applications Through Innovation in Antenna System Design

Familiar with Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology?

At Airgain, we recognize it as one of the most promising modern technologies driving the IoT revolution.

LPWAN provides an incredible, new alternative to traditional cellular/M2M communications, coming in both licensed frequency spectrum (cellular), and unlicensed radio frequency spectrum technology variants.

What’s more, both the licensed and unlicensed LPWAN technologies promise low-cost IoT devices with long battery life that can easily expand Internet of Things use cases and allow IoT deployments on a much wider scale. Since LoRaWAN reduces power consumption while facilitating wireless communication over long ranges, we expect to see many more LoRaWAN devices entering the market over the coming years.

Now consider this, there is no one size fits all connectivity solution for all wireless IoT applications, so, many will have to utilize a mix of licensed and unlicensed technologies. Given the wide range of use cases, IoT will absolutely have to address diversity of solutions and technologies as a key requirement when considering an antenna solution provider.

Low Power Wide Area Networks for IoT LoRaWAN

By leveraging our existing footprint in embedded antenna solutions for the short-range IoT space (both in unlicensed (ISM) and licensed (cellular) frequency spectrum), Airgain is taking a leading role in enabling the expansion of IoT into long-range LPWAN enabled applications – particularly through innovation in antenna system design.

We have developed antenna solutions with optimal range and service coverage for LPWAN use case scenarios, including embedded, external (indoor) and outdoor antennas. We offer both off-the-shelf and custom integrated LPWAN antenna solutions, in support of major U.S. carrier trials and commercial network deployments in the U.S. and abroad.

What Is LoRaWAN?

Low Power Wide Area Networking, or LoRaWAN, is a communication protocol that runs on LoRa. The specification “LoRaWan” is open so that anyone may set up and operate this network option.

A wireless audio frequency technology, LoRa operates in license-free spectrum of radio frequency. More specifically, it is a physical layer protocol that utilizes spread spectrum modulation, supporting long-range communication (sacrificing narrow bandwidth). Instead, it uses a narrow band waveform with a central frequency to send data, making it particularly resistant to interference.

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