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What is GNSS?

GNSS (or Global Navigation Satellite System) is a broad term that covers many different types of satellite-based positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) systems used globally. GPS (or Global Positioning System) is the most widely known such type of GNSS, particularly in the United States. 

Airgain for Your GNSS Solution

Originally known as “NAVSTAR” (Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging), GPS was first developed by the US Department of Defense for military use back in the 1970s. It wasn’t until after 2000 that it became truly mainstream – following the switching-off of Selective Availability. 

But there is no turning back now. And as the technology and its applications evolve and become more diverse, Airgain can help you optimize, enhance or even create your idyllic GNSS connectivity solution or design. 

How Airgain Leverages GNSS

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