What is ORAN RU & DU?

Known as Open RAN, or Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) is a concept based on interoperability and standardization of RAN elements. This includes a unified interconnection standard for white-box hardware and open-source software elements from myriad vendors. 

ORAN Solutions at Airgain

At Airgain, ORAN architecture starts with a modular base station software stack on off-the-shelf hardware – allowing for baseband and radio unit components from disparate suppliers to harmoniously operate together.  

Open RAN underscores streamlined 5G RAN performance objectives through common attributes such as efficiency, intelligence and versatility. Open RAN deployed at the network edge, benefits 5G applications such as: 

– Autonomous 

– Support for effective network-slicing use cases 

– Enabling secure and efficient over-the-air firmware upgrades (due to the edge providing the low-latency and high-reliability requirements necessary) for these applications. 

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