Smart Antennas

What are Smart Antennas?

The fancy definition of a Smart Antenna “an antenna array with digital signal processing algorithms, which identify spatial signatures.” Specifically, by leveraging these spatial signatures, the smart antenna is able to track and locate an antenna beam on a mobile or target. 

What are Smart Antennas Used For?

Some of the most common smart antenna applications include acoustic signal processing, track and scan radar, and cellular systems such as 5G and LTE

Wireless communication network concept. Panorama of Modern City

Smart Antennas

Our innovative connectivity products and technologies enable high performance networking through wireless modules, advanced antenna systems, and integrated wireless systems …  

These include our breakthrough new platform, AirgainConnect, the high-power user equipment (HPUE) solution available on Band 14. It is available to fleets and public safety agencies and organizations across the Country. This innovative solution provides a dramatic increase in range and maximizes coverage, building penetration, and throughput for critical communications applications.  

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