Smart Repeaters

What are Smart Repeaters?

A Smart Repeater is an evolved repeater, engineered with two Wi-Fi radios (Dual-Radio Technology, one dedicated to receiving and another to broadcasting signals. With dedicated receiving and broadcasting radios, the Smart Repeater can optimize your receiving distance while efficiently delivered a repeated signal locally. 

Airgain’s Smart Repeater Solutions

While the limited reach of millimeter-wave 5G isn’t going away, Airgain has created some ingenious (okay, “smart”) solutions in and around what was creating what we’d call “range anxiety” throughout the industry.  

In fact, Airgain LEADS the industry with our ground-breaking “smart repeaters” technology that bridges coverage areas where signal would otherwise stop before it reached the next point of connection.  

So, if you live in the world of mmWave, and seek a solution – we have options and answers. 

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